Privacy Policy

Mason Realty Privacy Policy
1. Mason Realty is bound by the Australian Privacy Principals (“the APPs”) under the Privacy Act, 1988.
2. However, as with all organisations, the APPs do not apply to personal information of current or former employees contained in employee records when those records are used directly in connection with the employment relationship. Further, it should be noted that some exemptions are contained within the APPs with respect to matters such as the disclosure of information relating to public health or public safety, the disclosure of information with respect to law enforcement enquiries and the disclosure of particular information relating to legal proceedings and negotiations.
3. If any individual wishes to make an inquiry, or make a complaint about this real estate agency’s activities with respect to privacy and the APPs, or obtain more information about the way the organization manages personal information it holds, the individual should make immediate contact with the organisation’s designated Privacy Officer, Rob Mason. That person and the senior management of this organisation can be contacted at the following details:
PO Box 1841, Albany, WA, 6331
0411 615 806